Synergy Ladino White Clover is an exciting clover with exceptional growth habits, characterized by a tall, leafy, spreading plant mass. It was developed using selections from elite plants of improved ladino white clover varieties. This wide selection enables Synergy to adapt and perform well under a wide range of geographical and environmental conditions.


Synergy Ladino is a very aggressive clover that spreads by stolons (runners). Therefore, making it easy to establish and compete with existing grasses and legumes. Synergy Ladino highly compliments existing pasture grasses, has good re-growth and persistence, and performs well under heavy grazing.


Synergy Ladino is highly compatible with cool season grasses including tall fescue, orchardgrass, selected ryegrasses, and even compliments red clover. It will perform on a variety of soil conditions where other legumes are not well suited. Plant in late winter, early spring, or in late summer. The recommended seeding rate is 1-3 pounds per acre in a pasture seeding or 8 pounds per acre in wildlife food plots.