STAMINA is a new intermediate-type white clover selected for its density, persistence under grazing, high yield, and large leaf size. This was achieved primarily by selection under cattle grazing. As an intermediate type, Stamina has proven to be capable of a high stolon density which helps it spread aggressively and root-down, avoiding hoof and grazing pressure. This aggressive nature of Stamina helps it to persist, therefore, outperforming other varieties including Patriot and Durana. Stamina has excellent yield potential. In a recent University of Kentucky trial, Stamina produced 1.5 tons per acre. 


Other Info

Seeding Rates:
New hay fields/pasture: 2 lbs/acre in mixes

Renovation/Overseeding existing fields/pastures:
1-2 lbs/acre for pastures

Method of Seeding:
Use of a Brillion seeder, a no-till drill or a culti-packer is ideal. Frost seeding also works well, especially if the animals are allowed to “hoof” if into the existing pasture. Seed to soil contact is vital to having a successful stand. Take caution to not plant the seed more than 1/4″ deep. For best performance, Stamina should lightly grazed frequently during establishment.


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