FrostMaster Winter Peas are a small seeded forage pea, yet will grow into a long vine with large leaves producing good tonnage of very palatable forage. FrostMaster Winter Peas have good winter-hardiness and are capable of out producing Austrian Winter Peas. FrostMaster Winter Peas are white flowered, which indicates the absence of tannin. Tannin is a compound that creates a bitter taste in plants. Due to the lack in tannin, FrostMaster peas are very sweet, unlike the majority of winter peas and spring peas.

If your needs are for a dual purpose pea for both livestock and wildlife blends, you will be more than happy with FrostMaster Winter Peas.

Seed Grower Testimony: “I planted FrostMaster Winter Peas in the Fall of 2008. As a seed grower, the biggest problem was keeping the elk and deer out of our production fields.”

Del Jossi, Oregon Seed Producer

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