York bromegrass is recommended for hay, grazing, silage, or green chop (direct feeding). When mixed with alfalfa or clovers, York provides a long lasting grass companion that will enhance the quality of the animal’s diet. When seeded alone or with other grasses, York can provide excellent quality forage. York also proves to have improved regrowth capabilities compared to traditional brome allowing for a possible fall grazing.

York smooth bromegrass is a deep-rooted, sod forming grass which grows best on fertile soil with a pH above 6.0. Smooth bromegrass is very responsive to N fertilization and requires a high level of fertility for maximum production. Spring harvest management is vital for yield and persistence. To insure against harming the growing point, be careful about how short and also how often you cut or graze smooth bromegrass early in the spring. Generally speaking, animals should be moved off of smooth bromegrass before the grass is grazed below four inches.

Seeding Rates
York should be planted at a rate of 15-20 lbs/acre when seeded alone, or 3-8 lbs/acre in mixes or with alfalfa. York should be planted approximately 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep.

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