Warrior II Orchardgrass


Warrior II is an intermediate flowering, soft-leaved, upright growing forage grass derived from the Warrior line of high-yielding orchardgrass. This next generation variety boasts all the traits of Warrior Orchardgrass, with improved resistance to disease and grazing pressures.

Warrior II is recommended for intensive rotational grazing, pasture, hay, green chop, and silage. However, orchardgrass requires better management than tall fescue for higher yields and forage quality. It is recommended to leave at least 3.5 to 5 inches of stubble for regrowth. 

Warrior II, as stated above, was selected for its improved disease resistance to stem and leaf rust as well as its increased forage yields. Thus, making it a perfect compliment to alfalfa, red and white clover, and birdsfoot trefoil. It’s palatability and plant life longevity give this variety strong bonus features. Plant 15 to 20 pounds per acre March through April and September through October. Best results when drilled.





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