Tetrastar Annual Ryegrass

Tetrastar is a tetraploid annual ryegrass that has shown very good cold tolerance and disease resistance when comparing it to Gulf annual ryegrass or older varieties. It possesses excellent resistance to crown rust and other foliar diseases.

The main difference between tetraploid ryegrasses and diploid ryegrasses is the number of chromosomes per cell. Tetraploids have four sets of chromosomes per cell while diploids have two. Due to an increased amount of cell contents, tetraploids have a higher water content per cell, thus giving tetraploids increased palatability meaning higher weight gains for your livestock.

Tetrastar is a medium maturing ryegrass that can be used as pasture, hay, silage, winter cover crop, and erosion control. With excellent early seedling vigor, Tetrastar is easy to get established. Plant 35 pounds per acre late August through October.

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