Estancia forage tall fescue is a medium maturing, high yielding forage tall fescue with excellent seedling vigor. Estancia was selected for heat tolerance, forage yield and persistence. Estancia was inoculated with ArkShield® to improve persistence, heat and drought tolerance. Estancia provides better tolerance to environmental stress while not harming livestock or other grazing animals.

ArkShield is a smart endophytic fungus that lives inside certain grass plants in a mutually beneficial relationship that improves grass resistance to some disease and insects. ArkShield is all natural and will not have negative effect on the grass growth or livestock feeding on it. While living in Estancia tall fescue, ArkShield produces defensive alkaloids that help protect against certain pathogenic nematodes and insects. This shield of protection allows the Estancia plants to grow healthy and free of damage.

When planting Estancia please follow these steps:
  • Closely graze or harvest existing toxic fescue.
  • Spray stubble with a non-selective herbicide. 100% kill is vital.
  • Test soil and follow soil test recommendations
  • Plant a break-crop (summer annual forage, brassicas, annual ryegrass.)
  • Graze/Harvest break-crop (don’t transfer toxic fescue seeds in manure to break-crop forage)
  • After useful life of the break-crop, spray out with a non-selective herbicide.
  • No-Till Drill Estancia in August to October or March to April in the Midwest.
  • Seed Estancia at 20-25lbs per acre
  • Estancia can be planted with other grasses and legumes.
  • Don’t graze or harvest seedling pasture the first winter
  • Be sure not to feed toxic fescue hay in newly established Estancia pasture (or transfer toxic seed via manure)
  • Make sure not to graze until firmly anchored.
  • Don’t graze below 3 to 5 inches to allow adequate regrowth.
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