Cow Pro Tall Fescue is an outstanding forage grass suitable for all classes of livestock. With exceptional early seedling vigor and fast regrowth, Cow Pro Fescue solves many forage needs. Older endophyte-free varieties had varying levels of success. Many failed to have seedling vigor, standability and durablility. However, Cow Pro Fescue has all three. With improved seedling vigor, Cow Pro Fescue not only establishes well, but also recovers quickly from grazing or a hay cutting which extends the productive season beyond that of other fescue varieties.

Cow Pro Tall Fescue is an endophyte free variety. Endophyte is a fungus that can live within many different grasses. One of them being tall fescue. Endophyte can have practical importance. Endophyte does not affect the growth or the appearance of the grass, and it requires a laboratory analysis to detect its presence. Secondly, it is only seed transmitted, meaning once a non-infected stand is established it will remain that way unless infected seed is planted. Furthermore, endophyte can have ill sided effects and livestock can respond in many different ways such as: 1) lower feed intake meaning lower weight gains 2) higher body temperatures meaning more time spent in water/shade cooling off 3) reduced reproductive performance. Endophyte also effects broodmares during their third trimester of their pregnancy by resulting in stillborn foals or a retained placenta. Cow Pro Fescue does not cause ill effects on cattle or horses and is an excellent addition to you pasture or hayfield.

Cow Pro Tall Fescue is highly adaptable throughout the midwest. It is tolerant of poorer soils and is heat and drought resistant. Plant 20 to 25 pounds per acre late August through October or March through April.

  • Exceptional Early Seedling Vigor
  • Endophyte Free (Suitable for Horses)
  • High Yielding
  • Good Disease Resistance to Rust and Other Foliar Diseases
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