Bestfor Tetraploid Ryegrass

Bestfor tetraploid ryegrass is a cross of perennial and italian ryegrass. It produces an immense amount of forage consisting of broad dark green blades, and large succulent stems preferred by all livestock. Tetraploid ryegrasses differentiate from diploid ryegrasses in that tetraploids have four chromosomes in a cell rather than two as diploids have. Tetraploids, therefore, have a higher percentage of sugars in the plant compared to diploids creating a grazing preference and a higher digestibility.

Bestfor compared to tall fescue, bromegrass, and timothy is by far more palatable and digestible. Originally bred to be sown with alfalfa, other legumes and other grasses, Bestfor produces superior pasture when sown alone. It makes an excellent choice for over-seeding existing pastures and hayfields due to quick germination and rapid establishment. Bestfor germinates in 4-7 days under ideal conditions, which will allow grazing and chopping within 6-8 weeks.

Bestfor’s seeding rate is 20-25 pounds per acre in a mono stand and 12 pounds per acre in a mixed stand. If combined with other grasses or legumes, the seeding rate is 25-50% of the mixture. Planting is optimal when done in spring, however, early fall plantings are also successful.

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