Frosty Berseem


Fixation Balansa clover is the newest winter annual to be added to the Missouri Southern line. Balansa clover closely resembles white clover, however, this annual has signigicant differences in its growth characteristics.

Fixation Balansa clover is an excellent choice for a fall/winter cover crop, fall pasture, and wildlife attractant. It has proven to be tolerant of various soil types and can be successful at pH levels ranging from 4.5 to 7.5. Fixation is also capable of tolerating saturated soils.

Fixation can be fall or spring sown, but creates a much larger amount of biomass when planted in the fall. Throughout the early process of the plants life you will notice minimal vertical growth. However, the plant is actively growing beneath the surface. Within the first 45 days it has been recorded to have 18 inches of growth beneath the soils surface. When mature, the plant can reach heights of 4-6 feet in height. However, because of the plants rosette growth pattern (prostrate growth) you may only see 2 feet in vertical growth.
Fixation Balansa clover has also proven to be extremely cold tolerant. Recent trials have proven that this particular variety can withstand sub-zero temperatures (as low as -9 degrees F) making Fixation more winter hardy than Crimson Clover.

Fixation Balansa clover can also be used for fall/early spring pasture. Balansa clover has shown to have excellent palatability and high amounts of protein, therefore, making a great addition to a thining pasture.

Fixation balansa should be planted at a rate of 5-8 pounds per acre when planted alone. If planted with wheat or any cereal we recommend a rate of 3-5 pounds per acre. For proper germination no-til drill/brillion seeder is suggested. Broadcasting is also suitable, but seed to soil contact is highly suggested for a successful germination. Broadcasting onto hard-packed soils will result in a diminished stand.

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