Austrian Winter Peas

Winter peas are a legume that can be an excellent nitrogen source. Most often used as a plow down crop, winter peas can produce a large amount of biomass. Winter peas can also withstand cold temperatures. However, they do not always winter over.

A Cold Tolerant viney plant that reaches 2 to 4 feet in length
Most often used for green manure
Silage is another common use
Seldom used for pasture- due to trampling of the plants
Seldom used for hay-due to its inability to cure in a timely manner
Winter peas produce quality forage for deer during the fall, winter and early spring

They are Intolerable of acidic soils-pH of 6.0 is needed for a successful crop
Plant August thru September
Seeding rate:  30-40 lbs. per acre
If planting with a companion crop such as small grains-Plant at 20-30 lbs. per acre

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